Test It Out

If you’ve ever been car shopping before, then you’ve more than likely taken a test drive. It’s an exciting experience getting behind the wheel of a potential new car, but do you know how to take an effective test drive or what to look for during a test drive? Going for a spin in a new or used car, truck, or SUV isn’t only about the way the car feels or handles. There’s actually much more you should pay attention to, and the experts at myHopscotch are here to help, so you know what to look for during a test drive! Read our quick guide, and then contact us for more information on what to look for during a test drive, how to negotiate a price on a new car, and much more!

Take a Ride

To get the most out of your test drive, ensure that you drive like you normally would. Adjust the seats and mirrors to make the driving experience comfortable and personalized to you, and go for a drive that is close to what you’ll be using your new car for. Whether that means highway driving, navigating busy city streets, or going down backroads, be sure to replicate your real-world driving as close as possible. That way, it’s easier to know what to look for during your test drive as far as comfortability, handling, visibility, and more. Also, make sure the salesperson shows you all the features of the vehicle before and during your test drive, so you’re able to experience the vehicle in full. Buying a car is often one of the most important purchases you’ll make, so knowing what to look for during a test drive can help ensure you get the best vehicle for you!

What Is An Effective Test Drive

What Now?

When it comes to car buying, we always recommend visiting a minimum of three dealerships. That’s why when you test drive a car, we suggest leaving directly after your test drive! You may know what to look for during a test drive, but after the test drive can be a completely different story, full of negotiating hurdles you’ll have to jump through. If you go into buying a car without preparing for the negotiating process, and while you’re still emotionally attached to the vehicle, you can very likely come out with a bad deal. Instead, leave the dealership, do your research on the vehicle, dealership, and salesperson you want to talk to, and come back ready to negotiate!

Contact myHopscotch

It is our mission to help our customers get the best deal possible while saving them time, money, and the hassle of dealing with the car buying market. We have more tips like what to look for during a test drive on our blog! Check them out and contact myHopscotch when you’re ready to get a great deal!