Just a few clicks away from having our full attention.

Here's what happens after you hire myHopscotch:

1. Your personal advocate contacts you and sets up a time to talk about the car you're looking for.

2. The two of you will talk about every aspect of the car buying process: from timing and budget to those confusing trim levels.

3. Don't know exactly which car you want? We can help with providing you easy, accurate and unbiased information as well as setting up pressure free test drives for you.

4. Tell us which new or pre-owned vehicle(s) you are ready to purchase.

Then, while you spend your time on other things:

5. We find your car that we can negotiate a great price for.

6. If you have a trade-in, we'll market it and get you a higher trade-in value that you would get without us.

7. Need financing or a lease? We'll use our "real time" knowledge of the best rates throughout the entire country to get you a better interest rate and terms for your loan or money factor for your lease.

8. We negotiate the best coverages and lowest prices for extended warranties and any other "protection" coverages if you need/want them.

9. Once we've finalized the details, we arrange everything with the car dealer for a hassle free and simple "walk in, sign your documents and drive out" enjoyable delivery.

That's right – other than a few test drives, you don't have to talk to a car salesman or visit a dealership until the day you pick up your car! You'll drive away knowing you got a great deal and didn't get taken advantage of.

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