Just a few clicks away from having our full attention.

We all hire professionals, experts in their fields, all the time: doctors, lawyers, electricians and plumbers to name a few. So, doesn't it make sense to hire an expert to help you with one of the biggest financial purchases you'll make?

Here's what happens after you hire myHopscotch:

1. Your personal advocate contacts you and sets up a time to talk about the car you're looking for.

2. The two of you will talk about every aspect of the car buying process: from timing and budget to those confusing trim levels.

3. Don't know exactly which car you want? We can help with that too.

4. You show up at the dealership, sign the paperwork and happily drive away with your new car.

Then, while you spend your time on other things:

5. We find your car. Our negotiators contact and negotiate with as many dealerships as needed. They don't stop till they've found the car you want at a great price.

6. If you have a trade-in, we'll market it and get you the highest trade-in value.

7. Need financing or a lease? We'll scour the country to get you the best interest rate and terms.

8. We negotiate the best coverages and lowest prices for extended warranties and other coverages if you need/want them.

9. Once we've finalized the details, we arrange everything with the car dealer for a hassle free and enjoyable delivery.

That's right – other than a few test drives, you don't have to talk to a car salesman or visit a dealership until the day you pick up your car! You'll drive away knowing you got a great deal and didn't get taken advantage of.

On your own:

Spend more of your time, pay more, and drive away wondering if you were taken advantage of.

With MyHopscotch:

Enjoy life, spend less, and know you got the best deal – Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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