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What We Do

MyHopscotch provides you with professional advice and hands-on involvement throughout your car buying experience, saving you the most money and the most time possible. We will help you make informed decisions, move at your own speed and experience car buying in a new, enjoyable and gratifying way.

Some of our services include:

  • find_in_pageCustomized research and product comparisons.
  • monetization_onPersonal budget and affordability counseling.
  • directions_carArranging hassle-free test drives that provide a better experience for our clients.
  • money_offCoaching clients with challenged credit on how to obtain the best rates possible.
  • transfer_within_a_stationVehicle transportation when needed.
  • buildOrganizing vehicle inspections when needed.
  • beenhereAssistance with aftersales concerns.

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Who We Are

We are knowledgeable client service representatives focused on making your car-buying experience a pleasure. We are expert car negotiators with decades of hands-on auto dealership experience that we put to work for you. We know how to work with and talk to dealers in their language to insure that you have the best deal possible.

The MyHopscotch team comprises skilled professionals who previously worked for car dealerships, where they acquired extensive manufacturer and negotiating training, giving them unique insider knowledge and expertise. That knowledge base, which is now at your disposal, ensures no terms are overlooked, no element of your deal is overlooked and not one penny of your money is left on the dealership’s table.

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The MyHopscotch team is led by its founder and auto industry leader, Ali Omoomy, a 30 year car dealer who created MyHopscotch to change the way Americans buy cars, forever. He was elected by his peer dealers to serve on the Ford Motor Company National Dealer Council. He was one of the longest serving members at 10 years. He chaired and co-chaired several committees and advisory boards. He had front line, hands on involvement with product development and product launches; advertising and marketing to include consumer experience, digital advertising and marketing, and regional advertising; customer and dealer satisfaction. He sold his dealership in 2013.

Ali was committed to creating the most equitable way for consumers to buy cars at the fairest price possible. He realized that to reinvent the car-sales process he would first have to create a larger platform that allowed consumers across the country to easily connect with helpful knowledgeable client service representatives and experienced car sales negotiators. He founded MyHopscotch in 2014 as a flat-fee service to combat the unbalanced commercial relationship between car dealers and vulnerable consumers. By introducing MyHopscotch he finally achieved his goal to protect the consumer’s time and money through creating a pleasurable and stress-free car-buying process.

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How It Works

Getting a great deal is about so much more than getting just a good price. Dealers have several profit centers, and they are very talented at creating the appearance of compromise in one area only to dupe you in another. You have a great deal ONLY when you have:

Expert Price Negotiation: MyHopscotch has access to inside information which, in the hands of our expert negotiators, guarantees you big savings on almost any brand or model, new or used, anywhere. That information includes:

  • attach_moneyThe dealer’s real costs and incentives
  • equalizerThe dealer’s minimum profit margin grids
  • gavelAuction values, regional stock levels and more

Best Trade-in values: We use our vast network of used car buyers to make sure you get the same value for your trade as if you had auctioned it in front of dozens of professional buyers.

Best Financing or Lease Rates: We know what your best interest rate or money factor should be BEFORE we start negotiating with dealers. We make sure you get the rate you deserve.

Protection from Upsells and After-market: We safeguard you from being sold products or warranties you don’t need, and over-paying for the ones you do want. No more two-hour pressure cooker experiences with the finance manager and hard sell after-market presentations when all you want to do is to just sign your documents and get on with your life.

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There is a movement afoot. Some call it an end to a confusing, time consuming stressful car buying experience, we call it MyHopscotch. Car buyers are taking control of the purchasing process. Long hours at the dealership, excessive pricing and after-market upsells are a thing of the past for MyHopscotch customers.

Our clients no longer have to navigate their way through the complicated and stressful car buying process alone. MyHopscotch advocates, negotiates and investigates on your behalf. Finally the experts are on your side.

We cannot change how cars are “sold”. MyHopscotch is a movement to change how cars are “bought”, and return your money and your time to you.
MyHopscotch’s mission is to protect you, and get you the best conceivable deal on your next car purchase. Join us!

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