We negotiate with dealers so you don't have to

You'll spend less time buying a new car and more time enjoying it

Four simple guarantees when you use us for your next automobile purchase: You will spend less than any other way of buying a car. You will spend less time than any other way of buying a car. You will enjoy the process more than any other way of buying a car. Our fee will NOT be an additional expense.

Our Process and Breakdown of Fees

myHopscotch is a car-buying consulting agency that locates, negotiates and delivers an extremely competitive price on new or pre-owned cars for our customers. Through our extensive knowledge of auto sales and customer service, we take the stress out of the car-buying experience and provide significant savings of both time and money. As your advocate, we always look out for your best interests and eliminate possible conflicts by not accepting any form of compensation from car dealerships.


As consumer advocates, we are offering this FREE service to ensure that our clients don't over-pay for their purchase or lease. myHopscotch will split the total difference of what we save you. We are confident that we will beat your deal. If we cannot beat your deal, you pay us nothing and you will walk away with peace of mind knowing that you did a great job on your own.


If you fall under any of these categories, we recommend you use our Full Service:

  • I'm capable of negotiating a good deal for myself, but would rather not deal with the process
  • I dislike the entire process of buying a car and would like someone I can trust to do it for me.
  • I don't know enough about a car negotiation to be able to intelligently negotiate my own deal.

Tyler & Lauren | Alameda, CA

We Saved $4,217!

"It was a delightful, nearly stress-free experience, we feel like we were treated well and fairly, and got a great deal. Thanks so much for your help through the process!"


You can expect superior customer service at every step, as we:

  • Conduct an initial consultation
  • Clarify the benefits of leasing versus buying
  • Schedule test drives at convenient locations, eliminating dealer sales tactics
  • Locate the exact car you want, saving up to 10 hours of shopping time
  • Use our knowledge and leverage to negotiate an extremely competitive price
  • Negotiate every area of the sale where dealer can make a profit (rates, bank fees, alarms, warranties, etc)
  • Provide a trade-in analysis and advice if you have a vehicle to trade
  • Negotiate a higher trade-in value through alternate buyers (*additional fee applies)
  • Once you select the car you want and approve the final price, we will connect you with the dealer for completion of sale
  • Oversee the contract details before you sign
  • Set up delivery whenever possible
  • Make sure the car is ready (detailed, washed, etc)
  • Stay on-call throughout the signing process to answer any questions
  • Always remain available after sale if any questions or concerns arise