With Experts on Your Side...JUST WINNext time you buy a car

WIN by spending less (our fee included) than any other way of buying your car... GUARANTEED

WIN by spending your time on important things in life rather than back and forth in dealerships

WIN by replacing stress, anxiety and uncertainty with pleasure and confidence.

WIN by choosing the smartest way of buying your next car

Join the community of myHopscotch clients who say,
"They will never buy their car any other way"

We have negotiated


Of Cars, Trade-in Values, Financing & Warranties for Our clients

Our entire business is based on a single value


Respect for your MONEY, your TIME, and your PEACE

The kind of respect that is nearly impossible to get from dealers when you buy your car any other way


  1. Our fee will end up being a great investment, not an additional expense. With us involved, you will spend “less” including our fee, than if you purchased your car any other way.
  2. Every aspect of your deal will be pre-negotiated and finalized BEFORE you step into a dealership for delivery.
  3. You will move at your pace and comfort. We help you know the truth, not the sales pitch, so you can make informed choices and decisions at your pace and without any pressure.
  4. You will spend a fraction of your valuable time in or out of dealerships on the car buying project than if you purchase your car any other way.
  5. With us, buying a car will be a pleasure, not a pain.

Our fee is $599.00 but we keep it ONLY when you are undoubtedly happy with your decision to hire us after our work is completed. Otherwise, you ask and will receive a full refund and all the work we have done for you will be complimentary.

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