Full Service Package: Starts with a retainer of $199
Most common questions prior to hiring myHopscotch...
  • Price: $199.00
  • American Express
  • myHopscotch Service Agreement

    By agreeing to terms as described, I, ("Client"), in return for a retainer fee ($199 retainer plus a balance according to myHopscotch service pricing detailed below), have authorized myHopscotch to act as my agent for performing the services as described on myHopscotch website.

    Service Fees
    New or Pre-owned Automobiles
    • $695 for automobiles with asking price or MSRP Under $30,000
    • $795 for automobiles with asking price or MSRP between $30,001 and $75,000
    • $995 for automobiles with asking price or MSRP between $75,001 - $100,000
    • 1.5% of asking price for Exotics and automobiles priced over $100k

    myHopscotch services are engaged and will begin with a $199 retainer and the balance according to the MSRP (new vehicles) or the initial asking price (used vehicles) will be due when client agrees to the final negotiated terms and prior to taking delivery of the vehicle that myHopscotch’s service was hired for.

    As describes in the "most commonly asked questions" section of myHopscotch website, there will be no refunds if client purchase a car on his or her own while myHopscotch services are engaged or if client is unable to qualify for an auto loan to finalize his/her deal.

    The $199 retainer is refundable if/when client is not satisfied with services provided by myHopscotch according exactly to how it is describes in the “most commonly asked questions” section on myHopscotch website.

    Government required fine-print
    This agreement does not nullify or supersede any State or Federal obligations, regulations and protecting laws between buyers (client) and sellers (the dealers). Furthermore, this agreement does not provide any powers of attorney to MyHopscotch to make any decisions or declarations on behalf of client that would remove any responsibilities from client to clearly understand all the terms and conditions of a purchase and the purchase agreements before finalizing such purchase.

    I understand that the balance between our total fee and the $199 initial retainer has been fully earned when MYHOPSCOTCH has performed the above responsibilities and the deal is finalized at which time, by this agreement, MYHOPSCOTCH will be authorized to charge the remaining balance due. I have read and/or agreed to all the terms and conditions of services available on MYHOPSCOTCH website.

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