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Robert S.Santa Clara, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,785.00!"

"Paul at MyHopscotch helped me enormously in selecting and buying a very slightly used luxury car. He enabled me to better understand the difference between the two models I was considering – and then secure the right car at a better price than I could have gotten it for. Moreover, he saved me a ton of time that I simply don’t have. I bought the car today and have already recommended him to two friends.

Elaine S.Penngrove, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,817.00!"

"Within moments and even before I got a chance to fill out the questionnaire on the myHopscotch website, Paul called me to discuss the car I was looking for. We chatted for a few minutes and I told him about the cars I was considering, a new Honda CR-V, Mazda CX5 or CX3, or Subaru Crosstrek. Paul predicted then that I would like the Crosstrek the best (he was right!). Everything that followed was as easy as pie. He immediately set up test drives for me with three of the the cars. Going into the dealerships was a pleasure. I had a name of a person to ask for (and instructions on how to interact with them). Within moments of walking through the doors, I was driving the car. I had minimal interaction with the salespeople and it was easy to determine which car was right for me. Once I did decide on the Crosstrek, the hardest part came. I had to figure out which model of the car suited my needs. Paul patiently went through the options with me so I had a clear picture of which models had which features (I had some very specific requirements). As soon as I could make sense of what was offered, I was clear about what was important for me to have--and not have--in the car and we found the perfect vehicle available in the dealership near my home. Paul negotiated a terrific price for it after finding a car with the same specific package at another dealership so he had options to present to me on price. I went to the dealership the next day, test drove that specific car--it was perfect and I drove it home an hour and a half later after all the paperwork was signed--there really is a lot of paperwork, isn't there? Everyone was polite and no one tried to sell me anything else. The whole process took less than a week and very little time on my part and was absolutely stress-free! Paul did all the work. I got exactly the car that I wanted and saved almost $4000! I also felt totally confident that in the crazy way cars are sold, I got the best deal possible. MyHopscotch is the best way, maybe the only way-- to buy a car. I am telling everyone I know! Thank you so much!

Will W.Palm Beach Gardens, FL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,395.00!"

"Hello Paul, Please accept my sincerest thanks for the job you completed getting me a Range Rover. As you recall, you saved me over $13K when you helped me buy my Maserati. I was so pleased, I used you again. Once again you exceeded my expectations. You saved me over $5,000 plus more importantly, time in locating and negotiating the purchase (less than one week!). As a 35-year corporate CEO, I thought I was a great negotiator. You got me discounts I couldn’t get myself! You have made car buying easy and stress free. I’ll continue to recommend you to my friends and family. Well done! Warmest regards,Will W."

Kathryn L.Westminster, CO starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,363.88!"

"I don't normally post this sort of thing, but i got a perk through work benefits and i needed a car. So i tried myHopscotch and they saved me so much money, so much time and most of all, all the haggling hassle. Paul helped me figure out what car i wanted, sorted out test drives, and negotiated a price i never would have been able to get to on my own. Seriously. I'm never buying a car any other way again.

Mark T.Oakland, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,000.00!"

"Here's our story: When my wife was offered a job in Michigan, we jumped at the opportunity to move closer to our family and friends. However, we had an old car in California that wouldn't make the trip cross country, and our vehicle need in the Midwest was different than our little Honda Civic could provide. I had found out about Hopscotch through my employer and, after reading the positive reviews, we decided to try it out. There are so many moving parts and challenging logistics related to a job change and cross country move with a 10 month old baby, that we were happy to have the support of Hopscotch to figure out an important detail: our transportation! We had an incredibly positive experience working with Hopscotch, whose team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. We knew that we wanted a car that could handle the snow, and they helped us explore different options that could work for our family, taking into account our budget and desired monthly payment. It was incredible to have Hopscotch be the liaison with our credit union and the dealership, helping us work out all of the details to apply for the best financing option and secure the car at the dealership. Hopscotch saved us countless hours of searching and scrolling on the internet, considering different options. The hardest part of the process was keeping up communication on our end during the move, a testament to their dedication and promptness. A few months later, we are very happy with our Subaru Outback, which is perfect as we head into the Michigan winter. All the best, Mark T.

Franklin H.Los Angeles, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,106.00!"

"Earlier this year I decided to start shopping for my first brand new car. I spent a good amount of time researching and test driving the vehicles that interested me. The list was narrowed down to a couple of cars, with the 2018 Kia Stinger as the front runner. My criteria for the Kia were that it had to be at or below dealer invoice price, and had to be a certain color. Of course, the color I wanted is so rare in my area that the one dealer who had my exact specification felt they could charge an extra premium of thousands above MSRP. Enter MyHopscotch. One of my friends mentioned his coworker contacted MyHopscotch after having difficulties finding and negotiating a new car purchase. He recommended Paul, who also helped me with my purchase. I entered all of my info and criteria into the MyHopscotch.com website, and received a call just a few minutes later. Paul got to work right away, but quickly realized how rare this car was in my area. That didn't stop him. He contacted over 20 dealers to find the exact car at the right price for me. I was patient, because I knew the difficulties from my own attempt to locate and negotiate the car. I'll add this, too: Kia dealers are way more aggressive than any of the other brand dealers I was interested in. It was really nice not having to deal with those guys. Paul was able to secure a 2019 (a whole model year newer), in the exact specifications I wanted, for well below the dealer invoice. The fee paid to MyHopscotch was worth it, not only due to the monetary savings I got on the car, but also time and stress saved not having to locate a car and negotiate with the dealers. Paul set it up so that all I had to do was walk into the dealership, sign prepared documents, and drive away. So painless!"

Ken D.Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,950.00!"

"Having myhopscotch involved the purchase of a new car was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I would enter a dealership in the past, like most people, I was at a distinct disadvantage. Sure I would try to negotiate the price of the car down but honestly it was like bringing a knife to a gun fight. They had me and they knew! Among many others things, Myhopscotch did two very important things that I could not do. 1. Negotiated the cost of the vehicle down by $5800. 2. Saved me a minimum of 4 hours by not having to go to the dealership and haggle with them. You can add more time saved by myhopscotch doing all the research for me as well. The car was delivered to my place of employment and it only took about 5 minutes to sign the papers. I will never buy or lease another vehicle without myhopscotch again!

Mark M.Miramar, FL. starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $10,964.00!"

"MyHopscotch helped me get an amazing deal on my the wife's new Lexus RX350 here in Miami. We saved more than 8000 dollars off our new RX and about $100 less in monthly payments if we had done this on our own.This is the best car buying experience we have ever had. This is money well spent especially since with my job I don't have the time to manage something stressful like car shopipng and deal with all the usual shenanigans. I will be using MyHopscotch services next summer when I am ready for my next car. Thanks again Paul for your help in securing this amazing deal."

Peter L. (Wife's Dream Car)Tampa, FL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $12,530.00!"

"One thing I absolutely hate is the whole Car Buying experience, (fast talking, numbers changing, promises, high pressure sales etc…) – sorry, I just threw up in my mouth. My time and sanity is better spent elsewhere. So this time when my wife wanted to buy her dream car that she has been working so hard for, I knew it would be a good idea to hire a professional. I came across Paul at myHopscotch while doing my research on the internet. After our first conversation, explaining our situation, I knew I hired the right person. I told Paul the exact car she wanted (which had to be ordered) and he went to work. Not to bore you with a long drawn out story, this came from their summary email finalizing the deal. • Researched the market, Blue Book values and the market conditions • Searched the area for comparable vehicles • Found four possibilities and talked to every dealer. • After several conversations with each dealer, disqualified three out of four, due to either false advertising, deceptive business practices, or vehicle price/availability. • Narrowed the selection down to one dealership that was local to you and was able and willing to order the vehicle at the price agreed upon. • Researched Dealer’s reputations and found it to be outstanding. • Negotiated the price to $4337.00 below the dealerships invoice price which saved you $8,722 off of MSRP. • MyHopscotch arranged for the order but Mercedes was unable to build it with the features requested, MyHopscotch stayed with you till Mercedes could build you a 2019. • MyHopscotch negotiated the interest rate down from 2.34 to 1.34 which was the dealerships cost, saving you $2808.00 over the life of the lease. • Negotiated the dealership to include the aftermarket items at a discounted price and they included the window tint for free saving you $1000.00. • Made several contacts to arrange for document signing and an outstanding new vehicle orientation at the time of delivery. Total dealer contacts: 27-Total savings through offering an alternative: $12,530.00-Total Client Hours Saved: 13 In summary, hiring Paul at myHopscotch was the best decision and car buying experience I have ever had. There is no doubt in my mind I would have paid at least $5k more if I would have done this on my own, not evening considering how much stress and time I would have spent. So if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, Paul is your Car Buying Professional. Peter Licari"

Jae K.Cleveland, OH starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,899.00!"

"I live in Cleveland OH. and was not sure if Hopscotch would be able to handle my needs, since I hadn't seen many reviews of them in Midwest. I get anxiety dealing with sales people and was not looking forward to negotiating. I also had a very specific buying time-frame and vehicle request. I was in the middle of closing on a house and knew that I would need a vehicle as soon as the house closed but could not have any credit pulls that could interrupt the home loan. I also had two vehicles in mind, I was deciding between with exact trims and colors. I spoke with Paul a week and a half before the house closing. He had informed me this was something that he has dealt with before and will make sure that I could pick up the vehicle I want the day I get the new house. Paul kept in contact with updates and let me focus on other things. After we narrowed down the best vehicle for my needs to be the Jeep Compass Trailhawk (which was the model I wanted all along) , He reached out to 16 Jeep Dealers in the area. His due diligence was able to eliminate dealers with deceptive practices and find a dealer with a great reputation in the industry. He was able to negotiate a deal that saved me close to $5000 ($1,114 below dealership invoice price). He presented my buying and leasing option numbers, and even was able to get the options I had wanted (Red exterior and Winter weather package). Before I went into the dealership Paul coached me on if the sales person try to upsell warranty packages etc, and made himself available in case I had any questions. I was informed if anything would be different from the agreement to get Paul on a call with the dealer, I was protected. When I arrived, the vehicle was already to the side and quick paperwork was ready. I was able to seal the deal at the dealership in the most pain-free fashion I could imagine. I felt like Hopscotch and Paul were with me at the dealership. I highly recommend, and I would have no fear that Hopscotch can handle your buying/leasing needs in any region"

Blake L.Leander, TX starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,165.00!"

"My Story: It was past time for a new car and I started looking around and found Hopscotch. The service sounded perfect as I was in the middle of moving and did not have time to negotiate a car purchase. I did my research on them and determined this was the way to go. I will admit, there was speculation from family and friends when I told them about this service, but I knew I made the right choice. For starters, the price for their services pays for itself when you talk about the time and energy it takes to find the right car at the right price. I built the car I wanted online and gave that to my hopscotch representative, Paul Winquist, along with the date I wanted to pick the car up. From there, Hopscotch just takes the ball and runs with it. Paul did his thing and called me the day before the date I wanted to pick the car up. He had a great deal on the exact car I wanted and it was ready for me to go sign for it the next day. To be specific, the deal was $4,860 below MSRP and he fleeced the dealership on my trade in for another $1,500 in savings. Honestly, I didn't even know if I my trade in would make the trip to the dealership and I had to leave early because my AC was out and I had to beat the heat. He got me $2,500 for my trade in! "Blake Lane(Paul Winquist) put us together on the trade in. I did not appreciate that" -Sales rep from dealership. 'Put together' is a car industry term for worked over I learned. Car buying can be stressful and Hopscotch takes all that out of the equation. This was a great experience and I am so glad I did it. I will be back for my next round of car buying!""

Michael J.Social Circle, GA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,000.00!"

"Each time that I have purchased a vehicle over the years, I felt as if the dealership ended up giving me a bad deal!! Even though I had excellent credit, I would still end up paying a higher interest rate than expected. So I did some research and found MY HOPSCOTCH online. I learned that MY HOPSCOTCH is not a car broker, who gets paid by the dealership. MY HOPSCOTCH is paid by you and works for you!! Upon signing up with MY HOPSCOTCH, I immediately received a telephone call from Paul Winquist. He was professional and courteous. I could tell right away that he was very experienced in providing this service. I gave Paul a very difficult task of negotiating on a very hard to find Porsche 911 Targa in a specific color. I was not the ideal client, but Paul went to work immediately for me talking to the salesperson and researching vehicle all over the United States. Paul made sure that I was getting the best deal on my trade in as well as the lowest price possible on my new vehicle. In the final analysis, Paul arranged for an excellent trade in value for my 2014 Porsche AND got the dealership to decrease their price on my new 2017 Porsche. When signing for the new car, the terms and percentage rate were exactly where we wanted!! I saved $5,000 on a very hard to find vehicle all because of Paul! I am such a believer in MY HOPSCOTCH, that I am hiring them for the purchase of my son's new vehicle in a few months. "They have earned my business!!"

Christine M.Oak Park, IL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,710.00!"

"I am loving my new car and will NEVER buy a car without you again!! The process was so quick and hassle free. Paul saved me time and money - over $7,7000 bucks!! Thank you!!"

Nathan L.Wichita, KS starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,120.00!"

"It was a great experience working with MyHopscotch. It saved us a lot of time and headache searching and negotiating ourselves and lots of money saved as well. It was a seamless process where Paul took what we wanted and ran with it. He also helped us make decisions on styles available and best pricing so we knew what style we could afford. When it same time to buy the car, we just walked in signed some paperwork and walked out. It was that easy. No hassle whatsoever. I would highly recommend MyHopscotch for anyone else and I plan to use it for my own future car buying experiences."

Horacio M.Albany, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $11079.00!"

"I am very satisfied with the help I received from Paul Winquist. Since I am getting on in years I decided to replace my excellent car with one that offers advanced safety. Paul located in a relatively distant place a used car that had the characteristics I was looking for. He very politely asked me for permission to offer his advice and suggested that a more appropriate choice for me would be to lease a new car that I could then replace in three years with a vehicle with even more advanced technology. I was very reluctant to lease a car -- felt too much like borrowing, something I am loath to do. Given the clear logic of his reasoning I decided to follow his counsel. He proceeded to secure a brand new Audi. He negotiated all the details so that I simply had to show up at the dealership, sign some paperwork and drive away. He had already negotiated everything that needed negotiating. I cannot say enough about the excellence of the service I received from Paul. The fee I paid to Hopscotch was well worth it. I wish this fine gentlemen the very best."

Mike D.San Jose, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,490!"

My car needed repairs and I decided it was time to replace it, but it was a busy month and I just didn't have the time to negotiate a good price on a car. Brought in MyHopscotch to help out and was very happy with the result. I told them what we wanted and they found it for me and arranged a great price, without me having to negotiate and threaten to walk out 3 or 4 times. All I had to do was walk in and sign some paperwork, was in and out of the dealer in less time than it usually takes for a test drive.

Craig A.Danbury, CT starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,112!"

From beginning to end, everyone I dealt with at MyHopscotch handled my car search and subsequent purchase in a professional and exemplary manner. I had started my car search several months ago and stalled several times due to the daunting task of finding the right car for me at the right price. I also had a great deal of trouble even narrowing the search down to a make and model I was interested in owning. From my first conversation with Elysha, I could tell that she was enthusiastic about helping me get this done. Based on your questionnaire and our initial conversation, she was able to quickly search all makes and models that match that criteria in my area. This listing of appropriate cars helped us narrow down the search very quickly to the Toyota Highlander. While looking for a Highlander at the local dealership for a test drive, we found the certified used-car I ended up buying. With your help, I did not have to negotiate with the dealership at all and you obviously got the price down to a comfortable level for me to purchase.

C.P.Tyron, NC starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,411!"

I wanted to get my daughter, a very hard-working and dedicated honor student, a car when she graduated from college. After six months of searching, she landed a job, and a really great job, but a very demanding job, and it requires a car. Problem: How to get her a car? She is temping in another state, and I care for my 95-year old mother and can't leave the house for more than a couple of hours. If I do, it costs me, financially and emotionally. That's when I started looking into on-line car-buying services. I researched several and after contacting myHopscotch, I talked with Taylor, knowledgeable, courteous, relaxed, professional, clear, and with a sense of humor, Taylor. I knew what we were looking for : the car had to be dependable, techy-enough, low-maintenance, safe, a sedan, and not fancy. Since I'd had two Toyota Corolla's in the last 30 years, I decided to go for another Corolla. My daughter likes the nice-looking but unflashy design of the Corolla. We decided we wanted a late model, automatic Corolla. I didn't want to cut out too many colors, but I hoped we'd find the favorite color: "RED! I would love a red car! It makes me feel so happy!" It didn't take Taylor long to find what turned out to be the perfect car at the perfect price - a red, 2016 automatic Corolla with so few miles it was nearly new, with Toyota's great warranty. Camilla said, "I'm so excited! My first real job and my first car! I can go to my first college reunion, visit you, visit my friends! YEAH!!!" I was very happy about the car, and almost as pleased that myHopscotch arranged for the car to be delivered to me, so that I didn't have to spend half a day having a friend drive me to the dealership. It's very hard for me to spend that much time away. The delivery was worth alone every penny of the fee I paid myHopscotch. I got all the paperwork completed by mail. It was EASY. My daughter flew down, fell in love with the car, loaded it up and returned to Washington, DC, in her safe, dependable, easy-to-operate, red Corolla. Everyone at myHopscotch that I spoke with was so helpful. The experience was convenient, pleasant, simple, calm - I will do it again. Thank you, myHopscotch!

Mitchell F.corte Madera, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,159!"

You were great! Thanks!!

Agha A.Palo Alto, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,724!"

I was very skeptical about hopscotch but now I am a believer. The whole process was very easy and saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you myHopscotch.

Carter D.Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,610!"

You sent me to qualified mechanics that could look over and test the used cars before I bought them which was great! We eliminated two Camry's and got a great deal on a Ford Fusion. Thanks for all of the legwork and negotiations which saved me both time and money. This is my second time hiring Hopscotch to find me a great deal on a qualified vehicle and I will be using them again for my next vehicle!

Vivek A.Santa Clara, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $11,911!"

I dreamt of owning a Camaro since I was 12. When I finally thought I could get one, I started checking it out myself. Since this would be my first car, I had absolutely no knowledge about negotiating with dealerships or any kind of packages I would need on my car. The hunt for the right variant for my needs was not easy. With my busy work schedule and traveling weekends, I could hardly squeeze out time for finding my car. I did try negotiating one time and the hassle was not worth it. Six months passed by, I still had nothing. My friend mentioned about myHopscotch and told me how easily he could find the right car without any hassle. I tried them out and told them the specifications I was looking for. In a week or two, they got back to me with the best deals. I didnt have to go to any dealerships or play the dirty negotiation game; all I did was pay them and everything was taken care of. To be more specific, they found the best deal located at 450 miles from home, negotiated the price, found me a great financing firm for the best %APR, and finally transported my car from dealership to my door. I saved a total of whooping 12000 dollars!! The whole process could not have worked out easier.I am glad I chose myHopscotch. Thanks for helping me find my dream car!!

Viet L.Arlington, TX starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,128!"

I began looking for a new compact SUV about 2 months ago. As the experience with buying my previous car at the dealership wasn't that great, I dreaded and began researching as much as possible so that the sales people won't play around with me again. I ran across myHopscotch randomly from my employer discount program, and I was skeptical about whether this is just another car gimmick. I read the reviews, watched some videos, and prayed for direction. Finally I decided to purchase the service because if myHopscotch can actually do what they say, then the cost of their service would only be about 3% of the car. As the car search began, Taylor and Paul from myHopscotch were very responsive and constantly asking how they could better serve me. They began sending me different options, answered any question I had, and set up test drive appointments. I liked the first Honda CR-V that I test drove. Then Paul ordered a mechanic out to check the car (at my own expense, but definitely worth it) and went through the results with me. After I decided to make the purchase, Paul negotiated the price and took care of all the process. I just had to come into the dealership and sign paper. He even made the dealership put in 2 brand new tires for the car and got a great deal for my trade-in. Working with myHopscotch has completely transformed the car-buying experience for me. I knew who I can call when the dealership started playing around with me as they sometimes do when you don't know enough. The return definitely outweighed the cost of hiring them. I'd personally recommend myHopscotch to my friends and families!

Lalit P.Louisville, KY starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,110!"

I wanted to share with you a perfect service experience I had with working with Paul and Elysha. Right after I created an account and entered my preferences on Myhopscotch website, I was contacted by Elysha who explained me the whole process and answered all my questions. She cleared all my doubts regarding the value you provide. The first obvious question was: is it worth spending that much money on myhopscotch. She assured me of money back guarantee. I did a couple of test drives and immediately knew what I wanted. I was then introduced to Paul who was my actual negotiation person. I told him about my preference of Mercedes GLC300. He did some research and found that it was a very high demand, low supply vehicle and dealers are not ready to negotiate on this particular model. I had heard the same thing from one of my friends. He ended up buying BMW due to the lack of price flexibility in GLC300. I got disappointed and discouraged and was ready to give up on this model and move on to BMW. But Paul didn’t give up; he kept calling the dealers nationwide. He got couple of dealers to compete for my business and got me a car at invoice price. I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal going alone or with companies such as TrueCar or Costco. Thank you Paul and Elysha for getting me the exact car I wanted and at the best price. You made me feel like you were working exclusively for me. Myhopscotch is now my first and only stop for my car buying needs. I will tell my friends about this service and hopefully you will get some more business.

Megan S.New Canaan, CT starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,495!"

I found myhopscotch through a friend when I decided to purchase a car for my daughter. I have purchased many cars in the past and always felt I overpaid. I couldn't stand the high pressure sell on the last minute "add on's" like extended warranty, security glass etching, etc. The team at myhopscotch was outstanding. They took a personal interest in my requirements and worked incredibly hard to get what I wanted. myhopscotch saved me countless hours of research and stress and I am convinced they saved me hundreds above what I paid them for the service. I will use them again .

Jannah K.Santa Clara, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,227!"

Finding your company was a complete blessing! I completely avoided the process of going from trudging from dealership to dealership and all of the sitting and waiting while the salesperson talked to the manager who talked to the finance person and so on🙄 There's no way that I would have survived the whirlwind that surrounded the search and purchase of my new Pilot! myHopscotch did ALL of the work that I hate when it comes to buying a car. They set up the test drives (a simple in and out no waiting), negotiated the trade in, the financing and Best of all, the final purchase price! In total myHopscotch saved over 10 hours of my time and over $5200.00. I'm telling all of my family and friends to hire you for their next car purchase! I will never buy another car without you.

Simon S.Alexandria, VA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,960!"

Thank you myHopscotch for our new car!!!! Wooohooo!

Susan S.Las Vegas, NV starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $775!"

I was searching the internet for months to find a particular used vehicle. When I found what I wanted, I was too intimidated to actually try to purchase it by myself, being a single woman, and that it was out of state, over 200 miles away. I found Hopscotch through my employer’s recommendation. When I contacted Hopscotch, I had the pleasure of speaking with Taylor, who explained every aspect of the service Hopscotch gives, and guided me the entire way. Hopscotch contacted the auto dealership and did the haggling and bargaining on my behalf, allowing me to agree on a settled price, which was lower than the internet advertised price. Since the dealership was over 200 miles away and I couldn’t actually go to see the car for a few days, they accepted a deposit from me to hold the car until I could get there. When I arrived at the dealership, the car was sitting out front waiting for me to test drive. Hopscotch told me exactly how much the final price would be, and I had a check made out in advance. I had complete respect from the auto dealership, and had confidence from Hopscotch that there would not be any unexpected charges or price change. Hopscotch even set me up with an auto transport company, who picked up the newly purchased vehicle and delivered it to my driveway that night. The entire purchase was very smooth, and the most enjoyable auto purchase ever. I would never have had the courage to attempt to purchase the car myself... I recommend myHopscotch for anyone who wants to purchase a vehicle, for peace of mind that you can get the best deal, and knowing that you have professionals backing you up every step of the way.

Audra W.Phoenix, AZ starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $9,316!"

I found MyHopscotch through LegalShield Member Perks. They explained how MyHopscotch worked & answered all my questioned. At first I was looking at an older vehicle with high miles. Then the Dealer Facing Manager suggested I go the leasing route which would allow me to have a new car with much lower miles & not have to do major repairs. I agree that in the long run MyHopscotch saved me around $9,316. I test drove a few models to find the perfect vehicle. It was comforting to tell the Sales people while test driving that the myhopscotch team were my numbers guy, but they could tell me all about the vehicle. Once I found my vehicle myHopscotch started the ball rolling at the dealership. Unfortunately they were being dishonest. So myHopscotch found me another dealership that provided me with the exact model, color & super, super low miles. Like only 9 miles on it. Amazingly awesome! Everyone was friendly & helpful at the dealership. I even used my 2003 vehicle as a trade in. MyHopscotch was very helpful. They coached me on what to say & what to do if something came up. I am very pleased. I got exactly what I wanted. A great new vehicle in my budget. I totally recommend MyHopscotch to everyone.

Aravind K. Santa Clara, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,673!"

Thanks to myHopscotch I got a great deal for a brand new mazda 6. I did not have any knowledge about the dealership and buying a car and could not invest time in searching for all these so I got to know about MYHopScotch through TicketMonsterPerks and decided to give it a try. The team at myHopscotch whom I dealt with were extremely patient in explaining everything to me and also set me up for a test drive once they decided on which dealership I should go to. They negotiated the deal and I did not have to do anything except submitting the documents. It saved me a lot of time and I definitely would not have saved up to $4,500 if not for these guys. So on the whole it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend MyHopScotch for everyone.

Brian S. Eau Claire, WI starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,927!"

Thanks again for all your help in putting me in my new 4 Runner. It is my dream vehicle! I love it! My search for a new 4 Runner began back in November. My current lease on a 2015 Toyota Rav 4 was coming to an end on March 21 and I knew that I wanted to upgrade to the new 4 Runner. I let my dealer know what my plan was and to start watching for a low lease deal on a 4 Runner. I stopped in for car washes and to touch base every couple of weeks but no luck on a great deal. On Dec 30th I stopped in hoping they would want to do a great year end deal. The best they would do was $450/month lease with $3,000 down for 36 months. I was getting pretty frustrated and was starting to look at other vehicles that were offering lower lease rates. I then saw an Ad for My Hopscotch through my wife’s employer. After just a couple of E-mails and phone calls with Amanda I was convinced I had nothing to lose by giving My Hopscotch a try. Needless to say the rest is history! In less than a week with a few phone calls and communication on their Dashboard, Paul had an appointment for me to pick up my new 4 Runner at the same dealership, and the best part…..At the price they told me was never going to happen. I am not sure how Paul did it but at this point, I was just happy to be in my new 4 Runner. Wow! Thanks Again!!

Chou V. St Paul, MN starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,649!"

I saved thousand of dollars with myhopscotch.com. Thank you so much! for your help in getting me the car of my dreams. My first truck, I can't be any more happier than this, I can't believe it! I don't have the best credit score be approved. Here's my story, back in 2016, My car started to break down, with bad motor noise and bad suspension, I started to worry that my car is not going to be safe to drive anymore, I did a lot of thinking, concluded it was time I buy a new car, I didn't know where to start, at first I try a walk-in at Toyota city dealership, they ran my credit report, told me to go home because the finances manager was busy with other customers, a few days later, I received a letter in the mail, saying I was not Approved despite having a credit score of 680 at the time with no Major debt. So I went on youtube.com did some research on how to get approved and get the best rates.. so with that research and knowledge, I needed to find an Auto broker to help me get a car..First I try calling Multiple local auto brokers in Minnesota, some didn't return my phone calls, some worked for Auto dealership. I didn't like that. So I did more research, as funny as it sounds, I found MyHOPSCOTCH.COM ON YOUTUBE, going through their customer's Testimonial. I DECIDED TO GIVE THEM A TRY BECAUSE THEY MADE ME BELIEVED IT'S POSSIBLE. The rest is history. I got the low monthly rate i wanted and My first brand new truck Zero miles, 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD OFF ROAD. Paul Winquist fought all my battles for me. stood up for me all the way. I couldn't have done it on my own. .I would strongly recommend Myhopscotch.com to everyone.

Anil B. San Jose, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $10,034!"

I've always wanted a Nissan Z since I was a young lad. However I could not afford one at that time. Once I was able to afford one, I could not have one because I had children and it wasn't practical. Now that the children are grownup, I could have one. But being a busy professional, I don't have time to find the exact car I wanted. Few dealerships I called, in Bay Area, did not have the exact match, but wanted me to come over anyway to make a deal on something I did not want.
I remember listening on the radio the interview of the founder of 'MyHopscotch' a while back. I thought of giving them a try. To my amusement, they found the exact car I wanted, about 80 miles away from my city I live in. They negotiated not only a good deal but also arranged for the dealership to drive all the way to my house to pick me up. "What a royal treatment"
To make long story short, it was totally worth it to go with MyHopscotch. I will definitely recommend them and I will definitely use them again.

Jennifer B. Arlington Heights, IL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,275!"

Between a full-time job, a significant other and a young child, I was dreading the thought of looking for a new car. I'd had less-than-ideal experiences purchasing vehicles in the past and wasn't looking forward to doing it again. I decided to give MyHopscotch a try and I'm so happy that I did. After letting them know the type of vehicle I was looking for, they arranged several test drives for me. For reasons completely outside of their control, the initial test drives did not go well - Paul assured me that there were other 'cars on the lot' and I broadened my search criteria. I ended up finding my ideal vehicle, a new Chevy Malibu Hybrid and I LOVE IT. Paul arranged a no-hassle test drive where the salesperson let me take a longer drive in both city and freeway conditions and sat with me for an extra 20 minutes going through the features and benefits I had questions about. Paul was able to negotiate an unbelievable trade-in price on my existing vehicle and a additional $1.5k off the price of the new vehicle, not to mention getting WeatherTech floor mats thrown in to the deal. Perhaps the best part, though, was how quickly I was in and out of the dealership the day I went to pick up my car - within two hours I had completed everything, including setting up all of the 'tech stuff' in the car with the salesperson. I definitely had my doubts about MyHopscotch, but I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and will highly recommend to anyone on the hunt for a new vehicle. My commute seems so much faster now that I have a car I love!

Jan C. Fort Worth, TX starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,177!"

I started off visiting the dealerships in my area to pick out a new car. I have to say it was very painful very quickly. All the emails and sales tactics really annoyed me. My employer offers perk spot and there appears Hopscotch car brokers. I instantly contacted Sean and advised him of my wishes for my new vehicle I wanted to purchase. Woohoo! I did not have to lift a finger. Seriously, within days, they had the vehicle delivered to my door for my inspection and test drive and even had the dealership take pictures and review my old car for trade in possibilities. All I had to do do was drive to the dealership, sign the papers and I was in and out like a flash. Hopscotch provided the easiest vehicle buying experience I have ever had. Hopscotch found my vehicle, negotiated the price including reviewing the loan terms and rates and educating me for final delivery. After paying the fee, I am confident that I got the best deal on my new vehicle, saving thousands of dollars not including the time and frustration. I highly recommend Paul if you are shopping for a new vehicle.

Adam S. Kenosha, WI starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,205!"

As a former car salesman, I have seen what the car buying process is like from the inside and it definitely is not an enjoyable process. Because of this, I was not looking forward to being on the customer's end. However, I came across myHopscotch. For a reasonable fee, they took care of everything! They scoured different dealerships to look for potential vehicles, negotiated the price of the vehicle I chose, negotiated my trade in, and negotiated the APR on my loan all along with making sure that I didn't get hassled by the dealer to buy an extended warranty and/or aftermarket products. Because of their services, I saved a total of $4,205.20 on my wonderful 2009 Toyota Sienna and countless hours of my time!!! I could not have saved all of the time and money by myself so I was definitely glad to have Amanda and Paul with myHopscotch on my side to do all the hard work! I highly recommend them to everyone!

Mitzi. M Missouri City, TX starstarstarstarstar

Ok, I bought my car today. And I have to tell you this was the BEST car buying experience. I hired the company MYHOPSCOTCH to help me find a car. I was nervous about this, but it was important to me to get the best deal I possibly could...So I tell you all of this because I really AM someone who used this service and I recommend that if you are looking to buy a car, they can really help. It is not a scam...Paul is an ex-used car salesman. He knows the game. He talks their language. He and his team can research the cars and their histories. Saved me time and headache, and no pressure for aftermarket stuff that isn't needed or really wanted. AND he saved me money on the price of the car! (Yes, you do PAY for their service, but he SAVED me more than I paid him). They worked with me for a month to find the right car, and they were willing to keep working for me until they found just the right fit.

Erica P. North Hills, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,211"

MyHopscotch made it so easy to buy a car. I knew exactly what I wanted and had done a little research on prices, but not a ton. MyHopscotch did all the work for me so all I had to do was show up at the dealer. It was so easy! I got a great deal and a sweet new car.

Mike M. Murphy, TX starstarstarstarstar

I'll never buy a car without a broker again! I always buy a diesel because I plan to keep a car or truck for at least a decade. VW had to buy back my VW because of their cheating scandal so I had to start all over. I tried using my car insurance car buying service, which was Truecar. Truecar gave me a certificate to buy the car for a dollar OVER MSRP! So I tried Edmond's and Autotrader's car buying service. One gave me a certificate for a buck over MSRP and the other gave me a certificate to buy the car for about $800 OVER MSRP! Why in the world would I use any of those. I decided to try a car broker because I get so tired of the games at the dealership. I came across Hopscotch. Their website is myhopscotch.com. I saw great reviews about them and each was absolutely true! They didn't charge much and saved me about $6K over the "best" price I got by trying to make a deal myself. Plus it was the car I wanted! I didn't have to settle for less. Looking back at other cars I have bought in my lifetime... I was a fool. The ONLY thing I had to do after myHopscotch at Hopscotch did all the work was drive to the dealership and sign the paperwork. It was already printed and the car already had paper temp tags on it with my name on them! They got a no haggle dealership down another grand plus great financing that I would not have found on my own without some website sending my info to 20 lenders all doing a hard pull on my credit. I normally don't endorse products, except Lockheed Martin's Hellfire missile, but Hopscotch did so well I wanted to share and save my friends and family money, time, and the grief of dealing with a car salesman. Now only if Hopscotch would branch out into medical treatment!

Kyle S. Blair, NE starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,805"

I contacted My Hopscotch because I did not want to deal with the whole process of buying a new vehicle. Finding the vehicle, going back and forth with the dealerships to get the best deal and making sure the dealers were not trying to pull a fast one on me. My Hopscotch did all of these things and more, they kept me in the loop with every step of the process. They even looked over all the financing paperwork to ensure that was the price the dealership agreed to with them. Everything was done when I got to the dealership, all I had to do was sign a few papers and I was on my way with my beautiful 2017 Volkswagen Passat R-Line. They not only saved me hours of my time which was one of the main reasons I contacted them in the first place, but thousands of dollars as well. I am confident I would not have gotten the price down to where My Hopscotch did for this vehicle. Everyone I worked with was very nice and they showed you they actually cared about their clients. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to save a good chunk of cash and time!

Michael M. Lafayette, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,078"

Thanks again for helping us find the perfect (exact car we requested) car for our family. We have been driving the 2017 Highlander Platinum Limited for the past couple of weeks and it has been great. I do agree your service saves time, money and HASSLE. Previously I have dreaded the negotiation process and wondering if I got a deal feeling involved with buying a car directly from the dealer but your service eliminated that completely.

Ryan B. Charlotte, NC star

When I bought my car I was moving internationally, changing jobs, and changing cars all at the same time so I wanted to use MyHopscotch to try to save time and money at the same time. I always drive cars with manual transmissions rather than automatic, which is a bit strange in the US these days. When my representative ordered the car, they mistakenly ordered a car with an automatic transmission and I didn't find out about it until the day I was supposed to pick up the car. This caused big problems for my schedule and I had to get a rental car for a few days until the right car was available. My representative admitted their mistake, fixed the problem, got me my car as quickly as possible, and made sure that the dealership gave me the price for the manual transmission model even though I had signed paperwork for the wrong one. Finally, MyHopscoth refunded my money. I'm sure they won't make the same mistake again and I was impressed that they were willing to refund my money when I asked for it. A lesser company would have cut and run. I would recommend MyHopscotch to my friends and family knowing that they will be taken care of and treated fairly if there is a problem.

Susan H. Palm Harbor, FL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,870"

For the past year I had been wanting to buy a car for my son, who is in college. I had done some research myself, and I knew I wanted an IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) top-rated vehicle. I also knew I wanted a compact SUV. I have owned Honda vehicles all my life, my current one being a 2007 CRV currently with 155,000 miles on it. My son learned to drive in this car, and in a perfect world I would have been thrilled to get a CRV for him. In my opinion they are safe and extremely reliable. A month ago (December 2016) I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew I would be facing significant changes in my life and circumstances, and I wanted very much to buy a car for my son before his Spring semester started. This meant I would only have a couple of weeks at most to accomplish this. I became aware of My Hopscotch in an email from Legal Shield several months ago. Initial contact was made, but I wasn't ready at that time to actively search for a car. myHopscotch was my contact, and with no pressure agreed to call me in a few months to see if I was ready. Coincidentally, myHopscotch reached out to me just after my diagnosis when the car had become a priority. He took detailed information from me regarding what kind of car I wanted, and I challenged him with my very short time frame. From that initial conversation, it took a little over a week for my Hopscotch team to locate a couple of cars - both CRVs - , get my input, then negotiate a a very good price for an excellent vehicle from a very reputable dealer. This was the most hassle-free purchase I have ever made. My team kept in contact with me the entire time. All I had to do was drive to the dealership and pick up my dream car. I cannot express the relief I felt knowing my son had his car and that this was one less thing to worry about as I am now about to begin my health battle. My Hopscotch not only saved me time and money, but also made the process completely worry-free, for which I am deeply thankful. I will certainly reach out to them again when it's time to retire my own car, and I have already sung their praises to family and friends. I would recommend them to anyone who is not a natural-born negotiator and just wants to buy a good car at a good price with absolutely no stress. Thank you again, Team Hopscotch!! You rock!!!

Peter P. Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $10,495"

I was referred to Hopscotch through two trusted friends who has both used their service and were extremely satisfied. I also knew that founder, Ali, used to own Novato Ford and so he knows the ins and outs of negotiating for a car. Ali put me in touch with his Dealer Facing team who was a complete advocate from the beginning. They were very knowledgeable, patient and asks all the right questions but doesn't push their opinions on you. I wanted either a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord and myHopscotch arranged test drives with two local dealerships which meant no sales hassle from the sales people at the dealership. Once the car was found, the process was very simple. I drove my old car to the dealership and handed in the keys/pink skip, signed up for the new one and again, no hassle. myHopscotch coached me on the various steps so I was prepared for the Dealer trying to sell me warranties. Overall I saved a lot of money over and above the fee that I paid. I will recommend myHopscotch to all my friends and business business colleagues.

Kevin H. Decatur, GA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,960"

Thanks to you and myHopscotch for a great experience. Saving time was essential for me, and MyHopscotch saved me many hours of work! I really enjoyed not being hounded or pressured by dealership sales people. And MyHopscotch walked me through the entire car buying process, giving me the knowledge and confidence that I was getting a great deal and doing things right. The personal touch was especially appreciated--for example, you gave me your cell number in case any issues came up when I was at the dealership closing the purchase, even though that was on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks again.

Austen J. Oakland, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $8,959"

I just want to say I am so lucky I heard about myHopscotch! I am new to the vehicle buying game, myHopscotch opened up my eyes so wide and educated me about the process of properly purchasing a vehicle the right way. I love how ambitious they were towards my situation. The same day I called myHopscotch I walked into ford and they tried putting me in a vehicle for such a high rate and monthly payment I had to walk out. myHopscotch told me about Hyundai and I test drove thier 2017 Elantra. I was thinking no way I'd actually get into a car this new and this nice, well guess what I was wrong. myHopscotch fought to get me into this vehicle, all I had to do was test drive and sign, so easy! As he first told me go get your car I had a huge smile on my face and I felt relieved that I found my car and how simple it was because of HOPSCOTCH. and guess what? I saved thousands on a new vehicle while normally I would be paying more than what it's worth! For new car buyers and experienced ones you would be out of your mind not giving hopscotch a chance. Thank you myHopscotch and myHopscotch you guys rock!

Anil B. San Jose, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $10,000"

I've always wanted a Nissan Z since I was a young lad. However I could not afford one at that time. Once I was able to afford one, I could not have one because I had children and it wasn't practical. Now that the children are grownup, I could have one. But being a busy professional, I don't have time to find the exact car I wanted. Few dealerships I called, in Bay Area, did not have the exact match, but wanted me to come over anyway to make a deal on something I did not want. I remember listening on the radio the interview of the founder of 'MyHopscotch' a while back. I thought of giving them a try. To my amusement, they found the exact car I wanted, about 80 miles away from my city I live in. They negotiated not only a good deal but also arranged for the dealership to drive all the way to my house to pick me up. "What a royal treatment." To make long story short, it was totally worth it to go with MyHopscotch. I will definitely recommend them and I will definitely use them again. Thanks again.

Jan C. Ft Worth, TX starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,167"

I started off visiting the dealerships in my area to pick out a new car. I have to say it was very painful very quickly. All the emails and sales tactics really annoyed me. My employer offers perk spot and there appears Hopscotch car brokers. I instantly contacted myHopscotch and advised him of my wishes for my new vehicle I wanted to purchase. Woohoo! I did not have to lift a finger. Seriously, within days, they had the vehicle delivered to my door for my inspection and test drive and even had the dealership take pictures and review my old car for trade in possibilities. All I had to do do was drive to the dealership, sign the papers and I was in and out like a flash. Hopscotch provided the easiest vehicle buying experience I have ever had. Hopscotch found my vehicle, negotiated the price including reviewing the loan terms and rates and educating me for final delivery. After paying the fee, I am confident that I got the best deal on my new vehicle, saving thousands of dollars not including the time and frustration. I highly recommend myHopscotch if you are shopping for a new vehicle.

Eric S. Menlo Park, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $11,893"

Working with MyHopscotch has been an absolute pleasure and the results were better than I anticipated. myHopscotch tirelessly worked to find the car I wanted, assisted me with trading in two vehicles and negotiated a price that I could not have achieved on my own. I was driving a 2008 BMWxi and owned a 1990 Saab convertible. It was time to upgrade and consolidate and I knew that I wanted the new BMW 430i hardtop convertible with x-drive. Finding a convertible with all-wheel drive in Northern California was not an easy task. myHopscotch canvassed a wide geographic area and were able to locate the car I wanted. The car was initially headed to Washington State and myHopscotch negotiated with several dealers in The Bay Area to strike a price for the new car and a deal on my trade-ins that I could not have ever negotiated or arranged on my own, and redirected the delivery of the new car from Washington to Marin. Today, I'm driving an incredible car with outstanding premium features for a price far less than I expected. It is also worth noting that myHopscotch is professional, knowledgeable and totally service oriented. myHopscotch made themselves available around the clock, responded to texts and voicemails on weekends when I was at the dealership for test drives and delivery and has been helpful even after I picked up the new car. They work with you throughout the entire process and the relationship does not end when you pick up your car. My wife is likely to be in the market for a new car in the spring and we will definitely be reaching out to MyHopscotch - and referring our friends and family.

Jesse G. Chicago Heights, IL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,282"

I was unsure if I should trust this company. The fee seemed like a lot of money. What helped me make my decision was the guaranteed refund if they couldn't save the same amount of money I paid. I took a chance and I believed it paid off. myHopscotch seemed to go into action right away. I felt like a "BOSS" as I walked out the dealership, after telling the salesperson to direct any further correspondence to my negotiator. I felt like I had a team handling all the hard stuff that I knew nothing about. myHopscotch surprised me by getting $600 off the purchase price. That immediately made the service pay for itself. I was impressed with myHopscotch's personal attention. They were on call through email and even text whenever I had a question or comment. I didn't feel alone. I felt comfortable going into the closing of the deal and I'm satisfied with the service provided. I will definately use myhopscotch to get my next car. I think everybody should use this service. I wish myHopscotch much success.

Craig W. Sandy, UT starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,289"

It was a Godsend to find your company Hopscotch. A company that offered exactly what we were looking for. A car finding and buying service that did all those time consuming things that a lot of us detest when it comes to shopping, negotiating, and purchasing a new vehicle ...hassle and stress free!!! and affordable. The service you provide in setting up the test drives, and in your negotiations of the lease, etc. was wonderful. It saved us lots of hours from having to do this. Not only that, you did this in a timely manner which we very much appreciated. We also loved that fact that when we called you myHopscotch, you always answered the phone and we didn't have to push an extension number to leave a message for a call back. Your email follow up with details was great as well. We are pretty much straight shooters and we think you would have heard about it if we didn't feel you were doing what we paid you to do for us. :)) Loved the cherry on top for this service. How much money we saved through your unique negotiations with the interest rate as well as other things involved. I believe you referred to this as your magic. Love it.!!! Why was Hopscotch a Godsend to us? Three years ago my husband sustained a brain injury from a cardiac arrest event. Having this service availed to us was important to fulfill our needs of purchasing a new vehicle in so many ways. He wouldn't of handled the stress very well, and quite frankly, I didn't want to deal with all the things that come into play when car buying.either. We will continue to share our experience we have had with our friends and family about Hopscotch. How wonderful it was to have this stress free...hassle free service available to us. Will we go through Hopscotch again when we make our next vehicle purchase. Absolutely!!! Anyone who wants to experience less stress and hassle when car buying, we recommend you check out Hopscotch to assist you.. We are so grateful to you all.

James W. New Albany, IN starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,683"

I had some skepticism about using a car purchasing service. This was quickly dispelled with the first contact from myHopscotch. The entire process was hassle free. Since my decision to use My Hopscotch was based on my own time constraints when it came to searching for a car and negotiating the price, I especially appreciated the fact that contact from the MH team was concise and pertinent. I also was pleased that they used multiple methods of communication follow up (calls, texts, and emails) to make sure that saw time sensitive communication. I am confident that I received the best price possible while saving valuable time.

Linda F. Mooresville, NC starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,729"

You are hearing from the proud owner of a 2017 Subaru Forester and a very satisfied customer of myhopscotch.com. After seeing the advertisement for myhopscotch.com, I was intrigued but more than a little hesitant to try the service. After talking myHopscotch and extensive questioning on my part, I challenged myself to take the plunge and sign up for their assistance in locating a new vehicle. myHopscotch reviewed my "wish list" and started the search for a pre-owned Subaru Forester with the new braking assist technology and several other needed features I wanted. As the search moved forward it was discovered that there were zero certified pre-owned vehicles in my area with the features I most wanted. The search was expanded and within two days I had an appointment to test drive a car that matched my needs. myHopscotch emailed pictures of the car from a variety of angles, informed me of all costs and prepared me for the meeting. The folks at myhopscotch.com did everything they said they would in a very timely manner. I had no hassles, was informed at every step of the way and walked away a very satisfied owner of a new vehicle at a great savings. I not only got a great price, but I was saved having to trek from dealer to dealer and/or put up with the constant barrage of phone calls from various dealers and haggling over prices. I am sold on working with myhopscotch.com and have already started telling my friends of the company's professional and personal service.

Steve G. Newport, KY starstarstarstar

"I saved $2,635"

Using your service definitely helped to alleviate the pain of buying a new car and dealing with the car dealership sales tactics. I would not agree with your bottom line savings as we would not have purchased any of the aftermarket options and could have negotiated some of the savings. But, I do feel we got our moneys worth using your service and you probably negotiated its value in the buy, so I am pleased with my experience in using Hopscotch. As I shared with you on the phone, there is an opportunity to 'stay in touch' with the customer during the beginning phase. Understand that your company just received the fee payment up front, and then radio silence for days. Not sure how you overcome this, but wanted to share as you build your company and improve your service. All in all, I will recommend your company as it is a good way to take the edge off of car buying and improve on the experience. Thanks again for your help as it was needed in assisting my daughter to purchase.

Dave M. Wantagh, NY starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,249"

I had been looking for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler with very specific specs for months before resorting to MyHopscotch. Then myHopscotch found a dealership who would factory-order a 2017 within my budget. The time that I didn't have to spend searching dealerships and negotiating was the biggest savings to me. I couldn't be happier with the car or the experience. Thanks myHopscotch!

Ayman S. Burbank, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,270"

I was in the market for a fuel efficient vehicle and a used Prius was in my budget range. I attempted to go to the dealer directly but negotiations came to a halt. With MyHopscotch assistance I saved myself from researching and dealing with different dealerships and the anxiety that goes with that. myHopscotch's expertise was very comforting and assuring to know I have him batting on my behalf. Saved me money and hassle. I am very grateful for the service.

Michelle M. Brunswick, GA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,274"

myHopscotch could not have made my first car buying experience any easier. I can't tell you how many people told me buying a car was a long and complicated process, and I even had people tell me how they left the lot feeling uneasy about the prices they had negotiated. Hopscotch did all that for me. Thanks to them, all I had to do was show up at the dealership and sign some papers. They even set up a stress free test drive for me. I could not recommend this company more! I personally worked with myHopscotch who negotiated with multiple dealerships to get the best price possible. They kept me in the loop at all times via text or phone call and made sure I was getting the car I wanted for the lowest price possible. I've already told multiples of people how wonderful myHopscotch and the My Hopscotch family treated me through this process!

Mary M. Plymouth, MA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,500"

I have bought several cars in my past and was always disappointed and overly stressed with the process and outcome. Pushy salesmen just wanted my money. When I was ready to trade my car this time for a newer and nicer model, I wasn't going through that stress again. I did my research and run across HOPSCOTCH. I am glad that I took the time and found them. I found HOPSCOTCH to be attentive and willing to educate me on the car buying experience. My research of HOPSCOTCH revealed that their team has history with buying and selling over 50,000 cars and have 25+ years automotive experience. I learned that HOPSCOTCH would negotiate for me and make better client deals. They discussed the value and expectations of my trade in and discussed the value of wrap around warranties relative to the newer car having a certified warranty. I am glad that I hired HOPSCOTCH and am sharing their name with my family and friends. What a great experience...I highly recommend HOPSCOTCH for their service. My Husband says he will be using HOPSCOTCH for his next car. Thank you HOPSCOTCH. Consider me another highly satisfied customer.

Nikki Sacramento, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,986"

My Husband and I went to purchase a vehicle Labor day weekend, very stressful, didn't get what I wanted my husband called MyHopscotch.com, and they were able to get everything all worked out for me, do all of the negotiating, took care of all of the paperwork, contacted dealership locating the car the I wanted. I am very grateful to MyHopscotch.com. If you are looking for a vehicle I highly recommend MyHopscotch.com. It is very stress free and painless, and they get you all of the deals that dealer won't tell you about.

Coretta S. Calumet, IL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $8,923"

I am extremely pleased with the excellent customer service and huge savings myHopscotch provided for me. This was the most pain free, no regret car purchasing experience I have ever had. Your service was outstanding. I will never buy another car without you!! Thank you so much for helping me drive the car of my dreams!!

Angela Redwood City, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,181"

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me lease my new Ford Escape. The process was not perfect, but I think that may be that dealers are not excited about working with someone that clearly is on the side of the consumer. You found the car I wanted, with options I wanted, at a very good price. It is very empowering to walk into a dealership knowing they have the car you want and that the down payment and monthly payments have already been negotiated. Enjoying my new car, learning all the bells and whistles.

Jeremiah J. Manteca, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,772"

myHopscotch.com made our car buying experience quick and easy. We told them the amenities we wanted and they made sure the dealership gave us the best deal, and they were able to save us over $5,000. Ethan and myHopscotch were available whenever we had a question about any part of the process, from the test drive to financing. We will definitely be using their services in the future!

Jacob K. Tiburon, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,000"

Buying a car is scary enough on its own, especially when it is your first and you just moved 5500 miles to a new country. My coworker myHopscotch recommended Myhopscotch.com to buy a vehicle. They take care of finding the right car, testdrive, bargaining, paperwork and all those lovely things your don't want to do when you already have to much to arrange after a move. In my case they found me a beautiful second hand 2002 Toyota Camry Coupe (after 1 day!!!) that is going to get me easily though my first year. I would have never found such a well maintained car on my own. It has leather seats in perfect condition, AC, cruise controle and a sunroof. I don't understand the mechanicals of a car, but I expect that they selected this car on that as well. I like that the car was only owned by one owner before me. Thank you myHopscotch for taking good care of me and following-up on everything, also outside of regular business hours which was awesome because I work from 9 to 5. I highly recommend to use their services when you don't know much about cars, don't like to bargain, and spend a lot of time finding a car.

Mike C. Morganton, NC starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,815"

I highly recommend using the MyHopscotch...With myHopscotch's help, there was no pressure from the Salesperson or Sales Manager who both said they liked this system because it saved them time and made their interaction with the Customer stress-free.

Frank P. Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,800"

I bought a car I knew of Ali Omoomy and his new company myhopscotch.com. I found the car I wanted, I kind of negotiated the best deal I could then I brought it back to Ali. I let Ali negotiate the final deal. This was the first time I felt I was empowered to get the best deal I could. I finally got a level playing field with the dealerships. I ended with a deal saving several thousand dollars from my previous negotiated price. There is a lot of things that the normal car buyer is not aware of during the car buying process. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Myhopscotch.com has really helped me.

Susan C. Sedona, AZ starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,021"

myHopscotch saved me over $4,400 from the dealer quoted price on my Toyota Corolla and I went from putting $2000 down, with 1.9 % APR, to putting nothing down with 0% APR. The two dealers I was shopping with told me how fortunate I was to have myHopscotch working on my behalf. I recommend anyone purchasing a vehicle to use myHopscotch.

Colleen H. Healdsburg, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,488"

Myhopscotch.com was the easiest and most efficient way to buy a car! I did not want the hassle of negotiating on my trade in or on pricing my new car. myHopscotch.com took over the wheel and I was able to relax and let them do all the work. They found the car of my dreams and got a great price on my trade in. They were exceptional in service and value. I have told all my family and friends to look no further when they are ready to buy their next car. Thank you for making car buying such a wonderful experience!

Diana T. Los Angeles, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,916"

My experience with My Hopscotch was exceptional. While I was initially apprehensive about putting the car buying process in someone else's hands, I would now say I wouldn't do it any other way. My Hopscotch saved us time, money, and stress. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed the car buying experience. We were able to obtain a difficult to find vehicle, for a great price and with no hassle from the dealership. We were in and out of the finance office in under 30 minutes with keys in hand! Our representative, myHopscotch, was very helpful and informative. He took the time to talk with us to find out what we were looking for, and kept us informed on the negotiating process. We felt well taken care of throughout the process. We will most certainly be using their services the future because I am now convinced there is no better way to buy/lease a vehicle. Thank you again!

Patsy G. Gloucester, VA starstarstarstarstar

The My Hopscotch team was a pleasure to work with. Unfailingly polite, positive, and professional. My list of requirements for my desired vehicle was very specific, and the Hopscotch team faithfully endeavored to meet every one. My thanks to them for all the effort they expended on my behalf.

Michelle W. Mathews, NC starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,385"

We unexpectedly were faced with having to replace a car after I was involved in an accident that resulted in a total loss. I was not looking forward to the whole car-buying process, so I went searching for help and found myhopscotch.com. myHopscotch's team listened to what I wanted and found several options for me to test drive and consider. Once we decided on a make and model, the myhopscotch team located a vehicle close to us, with all the options we wanted, in our price range. The best part is that we did not have to do any haggling with the dealership and be stuck there for hours while they tried to wear us down. The total amount we would be paying was negotiated before we ever set foot in the dealership. All we had to do was show up, inspect and test drive the car, sign the papers, and hand them a check. I did not have to second-guess myself about whether or not I got a good deal. I would use myhopscotch again. and I would recommend them to anyone else who dreads the car-buying process.

Clifton M. Philadelphia, PA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,963"

My experience with myHopscotch was great. myHopscotch was very thorough and diligent. They work very fast and immediately to get results. I am extremely satisfied with the experience as well as my new car.

Kris R. New Smyrna Beach, FL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,481"

I was very skeptical about using MyHopscotch and having them negotiate my deal for me, but I was tired of the run around from the dealership and knew I needed to do something to keep my sanity. I questioned myHopscotch about everything along the way instead of just trusting them to do their job and now realize I should have just trusted them with my transaction because within days they found the car I requested at a great price and even had the extras added at no extra charge to me. They also had me qualified for 0.9% financing. The trip to the dealership was quick, easy and painless and the figures were exactly as they said they would be. I would definitely recommend myHopscotch to anyone buying a car and would not hesitate to use them again.....Thanks myHopscotch!

Anders N. Mill Valley, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,435"

myHopscotch.com made our car buying experience quick and easy...and they were able to save us over $5,000... We will definitely be using their services in the future!

Paul S. Point Richmond, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,500"

Thanks to you myHopscotch for all your hard work. Over the years I have bumbled my way through several car purchases with various degrees of success, but nearly all were hectic! It was a pleasure having you as our voice. I have noticed throughout my car buying experiences that all car salesmen are great talkers but poor listeners. You were an excellent listener and showed great patience when we changed our targeted vehicle (a few times...) And when we did find 'the car' you spoke for us and closed the deal quickly. Our entire experience working with MyHopscotch.com and specifically you was professional, courteous and stress free. We have a great car at a fair price minus that dreaded dealer dog & pony show...Thanks again for your excellent service!

Jerry R. Basking Ridge, NJ starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,955"

Thank you for your patience, professionalism and and skill in achieving the purchase we wanted with the best terms, value and service. I'm looking forward to letting others know about your services, and calling again for our next car acquisition.

Sonya P. Randolph, MA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,034"

myHopscotch made this experience the best! LEAST stressful time buying a car ever!! I will be calling myHopscotch on my next car lease or purchase.

Jillian K. starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,050"

My experience with myHopscotch was amazing. From the first phone conversation we had, I felt like I was their most important client. They made everything easy and took all the pain and stress of getting a new car away. No question I ever asked seemed to small. I got exactly what I wanted and at better price than I thought I would get. And they did it all in basically one day. I am going to tell everyone I know to use Myhopscotch as their service was truly spectacular.

Dan M. La Quinta, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,625"

I was completely satisfied with the explanation of services provided when I first talked to a team member of myHopscotch by phone. They managed my expectations in a clear and professional manner. The results of their efforts resulted in a good deal on the truck that I wanted. I have happily recommended several prospective clients to them and I would not hesitate to use myHopscotch again.

Keith W. Greenbrae, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,453"

I was very satisfied with the work that Hopscotch did. I was in a rather unique situation where I was moving to Africa and needed a used car asap. I had to communicate with Hopscotch in both the U.S. and from Africa. The outline of what Hopscotch was going to do and the timeline was always clear. I also appreciated the fact that Hopscotch provided good and clear advice in regards to the actual purchasing process and was proactive and followed up when necessary with the used car dealership. For my situation, in which I had limited time and knowledge of the nuances of dealing with used car dealers it turned out to be a big positive and in the end I have an excellent car in Africa thanks to Hopscotch!

Michael H. Orem, UT starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,450"

For starters totally worth the money you will be saving, myHopscotch made everything work! If I had any problems whatsoever myHopscotch dealt with them! They know how to find the right price and stop the dealership from ripping me off, they saved me an extra grand from the car itself from what I had gotten it from. myHopscotch got rid of the little fees that do absolutely nothing for you and was able to shorten the time for the loan and the monthly payments were also lowered by $80+ I got the car MSRP was $35,000 myHopscotch got the car for $28,000. When I got in the car I noticed the all weather mats that I asked for weren't the ones I wanted, myHopscotch called just as I was about to call them! They asked me how everything went and I told them what was good what was my concern and the problems as well, myhopscotch told me they would deal with them and not to worry. And myHopscotch called me back within the hour to let me know what was going on and when I'll be getting those floor mats. They also talked down the price of the mats themselves I didn't even know you could do that, they were $125 at this other place myHopscotch got them for $100. myHopscotch won't just drop you once you buy the car he follows up on you to make sure everything went well. When I was buying the car he was on the phone with me told me all I really want is the GAP insurance and that was about it. Told me not to buy anything else they offered because it was junk that I don't or would even want. myHopscotch knows the game because they are working it now.

Kenneth W. Bellaire, TX starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,995"

I wanted to say that I have been extremely pleased with the experience of buying a vehicle through your service and working with you in particular. The process has been low stress and saved a lot of time. I fully trust myHopscotch's input and feel that I have a strong, honest advocate through every step of the process. You have been readily accessible through phone, text, and email not just during office hours, but evenings and weekends. You have also been very flexible and understanding as we considered various vehicles, changed our minds, and been picky about our final choice. I would use you again in a heartbeat and would strongly recommend you to others looking to buy a car. I really feel that we have gotten great value for the money spent. Thanks very much for all your efforts!

Chad S. Kaffon, MN starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,163"

myHopscotch more than delivered on their promise and added tremendous value to the car buying process. The time and money savings were multiples of the fee, I'm a believer.

Frank M. St Charles, MO starstarstarstar_half

"I saved $9,660"

I found it interesting that both the dealership and Hopscotch had told me that any financing terms could not be discussed. However, Hopscotch had claimed that the dealership quoted them an interest rate of 6% over 60 months. The dealership had denied this. Hopscotch encouraged me to seek another source of financing elsewhere, which I did. Armed with pre approval for a loan at a much lower rate, the dealership beat it. This is always good strategy. My contact with Hopscotch was a delightful lady. Her demeanor was courteous, professional and kind. She kept me constantly updated during the negotiation process. Their fee pales in comparison to the total savings I realized in terms of both time and money through the use of their service. If you're in the market for a new automobile I highly recommend Hopscotch.

Jerry W. Lincoln, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,205"

For the past three weeks I have been looking at new Corvettes at all the dealerships in a twenty mile range and couldn't find the exact color and options that I wanted without buying a lot of options that I didn't want. More than half of the dealerships added on a additional $10,000 markup above MSRP. My Hopscotch found the exact car I wanted and negotiated the price down more than $4,000 under MSRP....Unbelievable! Hopscotch also saved me $1600 on extended warranties! I have been telling all my friends...This is the way to buy a car. I am a very happy customer.

John N. Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,048"

Thanks again for all your help! I agree with the assessment but in fact I feel like I saved much more than the figure stated in the cost to savings break down.The car I had found and was interested in buying was located relatively far away(80miles) from my location. Getting there to see the car and possibly drive the car was going to be tough. Having someone negotiate and handle the purchase not only saved me time but offered me the peace of mind knowing someone was in my corner getting me the best deal possible. Hard to put a price on that. An added and unexpected bonus was a negotiation of the financing terms. I really feel like I had a "Team " working for me through the whole car buying experience. This was an incredibly easy and efficient process and would highly recommend it to anyone purchasing a new or used car.

George P. Santa Cruz, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $1,638"

I was very pleased with the deal you negotiated on this hard-to-find car. The car was absolutely perfect, and my experience at the car dealer was great. I didn't have to waste any time or energy trying to negotiate with a salesman. Everything including the paper work was ready for me when I arrived, and it was a really pleasant experience at the dealership. What a contrast from what I would normally expect. Thank you for your service. I will heartily recommend you to anybody in the market for an automobile.

C.B. Corte Madera, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,405"

Having referred two friends to MyHopscotch already, which is the most sincere testimonial possible. If you want to get your choice without compromise, try MyHopscotch.

Dan F. San Rafael, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,132"

I have never enjoyed shopping for a car. I don't know enough about cars. I can't stand haggling. I hate the feeling that I'm always getting taken advantage of. So when I heard about MyHopscotch, it made perfect sense to me. But I still wondered: Would it be worth it? Now that I've got my new car, I can state unequivocally: It's worth it. I don't think I'll ever go back to buying a car on my own again...It feels like magic. How did myHopscotch do it? They simply say: "That's my job." myHopscotch's services are worthwhile even without the savings, because myHopscotch saved me so much time, hassle and headache. With the savings, it has more than paid for itself Thanks, myHopscotch - you are the best.

Wiggy S. Clemmons, NC starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $8,554"

Working with myHopscotch has been a very pleasurable experience. Beyond impressive cost savings, the time saving is even more important. I do not have time to do all of the things that are necessary to get a good deal. I can't spend hours contacting dealers, negotiating the selling price, trade in, and lease rate. This in itself makes the service worth it. It also made the entire car buying experience much smoother. I was in and out of the dealership in 45 minutes without being pressured to buy something else or to haggle over the price. myHopscotch also made it clear what to expect and how to handle any potential issues that may come up. At the end of the day, I have a car that is awesome, for a great price, and with the least amount of stress possible. Highly recommended.

John G. Port Ludlow, WA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,692"

We don't buy cars very often so don't look forward to be hawked by sales persons and have no idea how to negotiate a good deal or even know if I got a good deal. We were put in touch with Hopscotch by a friend and from there everything was taken care of . We had already decided on the car we wanted so all we did is tell Hopscotch the make and model of car and they took care of the rest. When a deal was made they called and gave us different options of buying (cash or financing) and recommended which was the best way for us to go. Once that was decided Hopscotch worked with the dealer to finalize the paper work and told us the exact numbers we should see when we go to pay. They also coached us on how to handle anything that might come up. When we got to the dealer everything went exactly how they described and the purchase was easy. No negotiating, just getting a run through of the cars systems by a sales person and then signing papers and writing a check. Then we drove away. Easy peasy way to buy a car. We appreciated the attention, professionalism and good deal we got for our car. Much better than anything I might have negotiated.

Brian P. Belle Mead, NJ starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,980"

My lease on my current car lease was ending in a month. I wasn't looking forward to the car purchasing experience based on past stressful, time consuming and unreputable car dealers purchases. I was browsing my corporate discount website and came across the MyHopscotch car buying service. We decided to go with MyHopscoth, after reading the endorsement reviews. Our expectations were tenuous at best as we ventured into the car buying experience with MyHopscotch. Our expectations were far exceeded by the customer service we received from MyHopschotch. Through the entire auto buying process, myHopscotch guided us through a number of tough financial and buying choices. They even provided excellent customer service on the weekend... They saved us a considerable amount of time, aggravation, and savings throughout the auto purchasing process. The auto we purchased was a class above what we thought we could afford, based on the savings that myHopscotch negotiated with the car dealer. We would definitely use MyHopscoth again in purchased our next car and highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of buying and leasing a car.

Brian G. Gurnee, IL starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,677"

My wife and I were in the market for a new car, as we in the process of returning our 2015 VW Jetta TDI (as part of the buy-back option due to the emissions scandal). We purchased the VW last year using TrueCar (which is a service offered through my company's PerkSpot). When looking for our new vehicle, we did some research and actually test drove the vehicle we were interested in (2016 Nissan Rogue SV). We left the dealership making no commitment to purchase. I was going to look up a potential price via TrueCar again, but noticed another option within my companies PerkSpot - Myhopscotch. The name caught my eye, so I looked it up and read through the details, and was intrigued. I talked with my wife, and we agreed to give this a try; it was well worth it. myHopscotch worked hard to find the best dealership to work with to get an excellent price, even when a premium package was added to the mix. The dealership was about 2 hours away, but it was well worth the trip to save significant time and money. The dealer was very easy to work with, took the time to explain all the features of the vehicle and help set it up on the lot near their closing time, and the finance person was excellent to deal with. There was a soft attempt at selling exterior and interior protection, but after saying no, it was dropped. No mention of any extended warranties. We will definitely recommend myhopscotch to anyone we hear that is in the market for a new vehicle.

Rosibel R. Los Angeles, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $9,294"

After losing my car in an accident, I was looking for a stress free way to get a replacement. My husband came across a new service offered through his work. I checked out the website and decided to take the plunge. Almost immediately I was contacted by myHopscotch who welcomed me to the service and answered my questions. They helped me focus my wants and needs and suggested a few cars for which they setup test drives. During the test drives, the salespeople were courteous and respectful, aware I was only there for the test drive. It was a pleasant surprise. myHopscotch set up another set of test drives at other dealership where I was able to decide which car I liked the most. I let myHopscotch know the car I chose and myHopscotch went to work getting me the best deal. I signed the lease papers a couple of days later and surprised my family with my new ride. I was very happy with MyHopscotch for providing a service that saved me not only time and money but the stress and headaches that go with buying a car. myHopscotch was always easy to reach, good at listening to my needs and willing to help. Their knowledge and expertise gave me confidence in the company and the deal I got. Thank you MyHopscotch!

Michael M. Point Reyes, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,705"

The buying of our 2014 RAV4 was the most pleasant and efficient car purchase ever! The service was as advertised and I will recommend Hopscotch to friends who are considering buying a car. I agree with the transaction information you sent.

Lori S. Springborgh, OH starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,689"

I work at a large company that sends out emails about perks that we can get as employees. I saw the MyHopscotch ad pop up in one of those emails, so I looked into it. It seemed like something that would be a great benefit to me. I am recently widowed and needed to get rid of the two cars I had and replace them with a new one. I contacted MyHopscotch about possibly seeing if they could help me in this process since I was under a lot of stress already. They were very understanding of my situation and allowed me the time I needed to reconcile that I was getting rid of my husband's prized possession. I know I slowed them down some, but I appreciated their kindness greatly, as this is a very difficult time for me. The process itself was very easy. I spoke with a team member at myHopscotch and told him what I was looking for in a new car. I filled out the questionnaires on their website to confirm these choices. The folks at MyHopscotch then got to work finding me what I was looking to test drive. I went on 4 test drives and found the perfect car for me. After it was settled that I wanted the car, they got to work negotiating with the dealership about how much I would get for the trade and how much the new car would cost. I was very pleased with what they were able to do and that I didn't have to worry about any of that. I only had to go sign the paperwork and drive home my new car. I cannot be more thankful that I had MyHopscotch working on my behalf. With their help, I was able to get the car I wanted at a good price and able to avoid all the stress of trying to negotiate myself during a time when I am very emotional already. I love my new car and tell everyone how easy it was using the MyHopscotch service.

Enea B. Los Angeles, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $5,100"

To all of you out there about, or with the future intent to purchase or lease a car, I would like to share my experience in leasing my new car with the service of " Myhopscotch.com " and in particular with the help of one of the members at " Myhopscotch". I talked to myHopscotch and explained what I was looking for and in 2 hours myHopscotch had already found few best deals of the car I wished for with Car Dealers in the Los Angeles area. I then asked myHopscotch to add some features to the deals they found, and again in less then 1 hour they got back to me with the best deals and did so welcomely and gracefully. So in the end in about 4 hours I had the car I wanted for the best deal ever. I could have not done it myself and I am sure Car Dealers would have added some charges to the contract I likely I would have said yes to for I am not into that field and it would have taken me few days to even move around and look for the "non best deal" I would have gotten by myself. I am thankful and grateful for what myHopscotch and Myhopscoth.com has done for me, saving several thousands dollars on my Car Lease. A great wish to all of you out there who dream for a great deal. Go to Myhopscoth.com and you will be happy with the results.. Thank you myHopscotch and thank you Myhopscotch.com.

Jerry W. Alameda, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $9,050"

My wife and I had been looking for a 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE400 with certain features and after spending weeks of research and traveling to various showrooms, we weren't finding what we wanted. I ran into myHopscotch at the San Francisco cars show. They said, "Give me a chance to work on this for you at no obligation". Within a week, myHopscotch found the vehicle we were looking for in another state. They made the deal with a local dealer saving us over $5000. They shipped the car out to us and we couldn't be happier. I would definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Srinivaas R. Dublin, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $7,262"

MyHopScotch is by far the easiest and the efficient car buying service. I was working with myHopscotch W and it was a breeze. I was getting a good deal on a 2016 Honda Accord Touring but it was on the other side of the country. Then I contacted MyHopScotch to see if such a deal would be possible locally where I live and myHopscotch, in less that 48 hours put me in the same car with a competing deal. Not only myHopscotch was able to save me $2800 but he made the Trade In of my current such a smooth process. I was able to get out of the lease without issues and drive a new car home. From start to finish myHopscotch was very courteous and professional. It was exceptional service from myHopscotch and MyHopScotch. Thank you myHopscotch and MyHopScotch!

Les H. Calabasas, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $8,000"

MyHopscotch saved me more than $8000.00 toward the lease of a new Mercedes SL. Ali made the transaction "easy". He contacted a local dealer on my behalf and he obtained the price and terms that I wanted. He also suggested I use a "one pay" which saved me more money! I will refer Hopscotch to all of my friends and clients.

George H. Sunnyvale, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $2,516"

WOW! Thank you MyHopscotch for looking and setting up the appointment for me to get this car. Besides the Amazing deal with the money I saved, you took care of all the fine details that I would have never known. I was amazed that myHopscotch was with me every step of the way. They had Excellent customer service and made buying a car fun. Having a team of experts by your side made a BIG Difference! I will HIGHLY recommend myHopscotch to everyone I know who's looking for a new or used car. Thanks Again!

Steve S. San Rafael, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,610"

Fabulous! I found the most spectacular website, MyHopscotch.com! It was absolutely Awesome, I was looking for a particular car and I had no idea that something like MyHopscotch.com existed. They're a fabulous organization, MyHopscotch.com knows it all, and they helped me save thousands of dollars. I got a great deal and felt empowered! MyHopscotch.com is the place to go.

Daryl W. Novato, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $4,200"

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse the services of MyHopscotch.com to help locate a car at a great price. I have always researched my own vehicles and researched for them to locate a reputable dealer at the best price. But the new car environment is getting more complicated and takes a lot more time and effort on my part. I discovered Ali through two long term friends when I told them that I was in the market for a new car for my wife. My dealings with myhopscotch.com were pleasant, efficient and he performed his task professionally and promptly and he was able to locate the car that we wanted at a much better price then I was able to negotiate on my own. The fee that I paid to him more than justified the savings that I received through his efforts. I would recommend his services without reservation to anyone for a great experience at a good price.

Steve D. San Rafael, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,695"

I had a very positive experience working with Myhopscotch.com. They were very diligent and hardworking - and very responsive to my needs, questions and requests. They found me just the kind of car I was looking for in terms of make, model, mileage, condition and price. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Giovanna M. Los Angeles, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,000"

Hopscotch saved me more than $5000 on my Mini Cooper from a dealer that I had previously leased from. I would recommend Hopscotch for sure!

Andy M. San Francisco, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $11,000"

I saved $10,000 on my 2014 Porsche 911 with MyHopscotch.com and I couldn't believe how quick and efficient it all was.

Ashley S. Mill Valley, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $3,285"

When my mechanic told me that the latest maintenance on my 14-year old car would cost more than my car was worth, I knew it was time to get a new car. But the idea of going to a dealer on my own seemed like an impossible and foreboding task. Myhopscotch.com changed everything for me. He talked to me about what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend, and he worked diligently with me to find the absolute best deal. I got exactly what I wanted for a price within my budget. But the best part was that I felt totally confident in my purchase - there were no blind spots. I knew what papers to sign, knew how to conduct myself with the dealer so that they even gave me some extra perks for my first service because my deal went so smoothly and we just got along from the moment I walked in the door. What I expected to be a total nightmare was actually a very pleasant experience. I'm 100% satisfied with my new car and I owe that all to myHopscotch and MyHopscotch.com's awesome service.

Angie starstarstarstar

"I saved $2,181"

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me lease my new Ford Escape. The process was not perfect, but I think that may be that dealers are not excited about working with someone that clearly is on the side of the consumer. You found the car I wanted, with options I wanted, at a very good price. It is very empowering to walk into a dealership knowing they have the car you want and that the down payment and monthly payments have already been negotiated. Enjoying my new car, learning all the bells and whistles.

Mimi P. Napa, CA starstarstarstarstar

"I saved $6,296"

My experience with myHopscotch is one of the best I have ever had buying anything; much less a car. I cannot express how reluctant I was to buying a new car and the primary reason is the grueling experiences I have had in the past. A friend insisted that I call Ali and from the point of our conversation to a new car was a few days. Ali and his team were able to find the exact car that I wanted and a great rate on a loan. The dealership experience was so easy! I told Ali that I didn't have much time and he arranged everything for me. The longest time I spent was learning how to use the new technology in the car. They could not have been nicer and I was on my way in short order. The savings were amazing and I also received a rebate of $1,000! I have heard stories of people not being told about rebates so figure Ali and his team made sure I was able to apply that to the purchase price. If, like me, the thought of buying a car makes you shudder; call Ali at MyHopscotch and he will find exactly what you want and at the best possible price.