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Our clients have certified an average savings of $4,368

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Did you know that if you negotiate your best deal with three different sales people at the same dealership, you will end up with three different deals that may be hundreds of dollars apart?
Choosing the right sales person is essential for negotiating that "great deal".

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All the savings that I show you are the averages of all the deals that I have negotiated for my clients in your price range, and they have been certified and approved by them.
I am a good boy, I don't make claims that I can't back.Our Saving Claims Certified by Our Clients
On cars ranging between , the discounts I have negotiated for my clients are on average bigger than my clients would have negotiated on their own.

With us, buying a car is simpler and more fair than any other way of buying a car.

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"The whole process was very easy and saved me a ton of time and money." Zeigh A.

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I market and negotiate the value of your trade-in to several different dealers.
Wait until you see how much I can get for your car.

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I have so much fun beating the dealers at their own game when it comes to negotiating trade-in values.
Fun & games for me and more money for you.On trade-in values ranging between , I have negotiated an average of more than my clients would have on their own.

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We've saved our customers an average of $1,768 in financing/lease costs.

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The monthly payments that I will negotiate for you will be the same as if you took several weeks to shop and negotiate on your own with dozens of dealers, credit unions, and banks NATIONWIDE.

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How did we get this number?

Claims Certified by Our Clients
For my clients who financed between , I have negotiated more than they would have on their own.

About after-market products like Extended warranties...

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⚠️This is when car buyers are least prepared for few big (costly) decisions.
My clients spend an average of $2,000 less at this stage of the purchase because I prepare everything for them before they ever step into the dealership.

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"As a 35-year corporate CEO, I thought I was a great negotiator. You got me discounts I couldn’t get myself! You have made car buying easy and stress free. I’ll continue to recommend you to my friends and family. Well done! Warmest regards" Will W.

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The myHopscotch Spend-less Guarantee™

To make the decision of hiring us a very simple one, we back our promise with one of the most powerful and simple guarantees in the industry.
If you have any regrets about hiring us after we complete our work, just tell us and we will refund you 100% of what you paid us.
No fine prints.     No hidden conditions.
What else could you want?

Our flat, upfront fee is NEVER meant to be an added expense.
We will save you multiples of our fee, or your money back.

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