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Hopscotch here! I will be your guide dog, showing you an amazing and revolutionary way to buy a car. Revolutionary because there is finally someone totally committed to you and your needs. Amazing because of the significant time and money we save you.

Let's start out with some questions. Since everything about myHopscotch is personal and specific, I'll show you how much our negotiators can save across every part of buying a car.

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Is knowing you got a great price worth something?
We think so. If you don't agree, we'll refund you our fee.

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"I saved a whopping total of $12,000!!
The whole process could not have worked out easier." Vivek

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Great, what is your price range?

No matter what kind of car you're buying, we'll get you a great deal. On average, our customers save $4,068* over MSRP and $1,437 over TrueCar *Calculations include an average of $1k manufacturer rebates

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I have saved my clients who bought a vehicle in the range an average of just on the price.

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"The whole process was very easy and saved me a ton of time and money." Zeigh A.

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What do you think your trade-in is roughly worth?

We can get hundreds, if not thousands, more for your trade-in.

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How did we get this number?

Excellent, based on our previous clients who traded in a vehicle between , we averaged getting more for that vehicle!

Are you going to be financing/leasing or paying cash?

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We save our customers an average of $1,768 in financing/lease costs.

About how much do you plan to finance?

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"It was a delightful, nearly stress-free experience, we feel like we were treated well and fairly, and got a great deal!" Ty & Lauren

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My clients who financed between have saved an average of by letting me negotiate the best finance or lease package for them.

About after-market products like Extended warranties...

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We save our clients an average of $1,820 in the un-wanted after-market and extended warranty sales.

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We guarantee that our fee will not be an additional cost or out of pocket cash.

The myHopscotch Spend-less Guarantee™

To make the decision of hiring us a very simple one, we back our promise with one of the most powerful and simple guarantees in the industry.
If you have any regrets about hiring us after we complete our work, just tell us and we will refund you 100% of what you paid us.
No fine prints.     No hidden conditions.
What else could you want?

Our flat, upfront fee is NEVER meant to be an added expense.
We will save you multiples of our fee, or your money back.

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On your own - Spend more of your time, pay more, and drive away not knowing how much better you could have done.

With myHopscotch - Enjoy life, spend less, and know that you have the best deal (guaranteed or money back).

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